Shenzhen Ecig Expo ( IECIE )
2018-04-19    View:5331

IECIE, which held on 14th April to 16th April, attracted many wholesalers and retailers around the world,According to

official data, a total of 45 countries and regions, 1,500 brand names, and 50,000 professional visitors attended IECIE.

From the data, it show that electronic cigarettes are still a sunrise industry and are growing, more and more Chinese

people intersession in vape.


Although Efest brand does not sell in China, our products were the most wanted by most visitors and customers. We just

display and introduce the functions to all visitors, and collect wholesalers and retailers contact information from other

countries. Many visitors stopped by and asked why Efest not sell in China, many Chinese vapers want to use your

products but so hard to buy, even purchased them from United States. We are very happy for that, more and more

Chinese vapers also like our products, and we will keep doing better.


No matter what kind of customers we meet in the exhibition, the spirit of perseverance is very important. The exhibition

has brought us(Efest) more than just customers. It also taught our new sales to learn a lot about how to talk with

people face to face. In this exhibition, personal preparation for business cards was not enough. In the later period,

all sales business card and our booklet ran out.


It is because of your support that we can make us walk steadily better and farther.



ShenZhen Fest Technology Co.,ltd

Marketing team