Be Careful of FAKE EFEST Batteries!!
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                                       Be Careful of FAKE EFEST Batteries!!


To consumers: 

Recently, based on consumer feedback, our company has discovered that some illegal individuals in various countries have been selling counterfeit and inferior EFEST batteries online and offline.

In order to prevent consumers from purchasing counterfeit and non compliant products, which may result in property and personal losses due to the deception of illegal individuals, our company hereby solemnly declares: 

1、 All Efest products come with anti-counterfeiting code labels, which can only be found on the Efest official website. 

2、 For counterfeit products without anti-counterfeiting codes, inconsistent packaging, etc. whose source is unknown, some packaging is damaged or incomplete, or there is no packaging, our company cannot guarantee quality, nor can we provide any services. 

3、 For any individual or group, our company will not be responsible for any problems caused by blindly believing in informal channels and purchasing their products for use. Our company hereby reminds consumers to purchase Efest products through legitimate channels and use them under correct guidance. When purchasing products, please carefully distinguish between authenticity and beware of being deceived. 

4.The following is the sales channel information provided by some consumers for counterfeit goods.


5.Please be careful to avoid buying counterfeit goods: If you buy fake products suspected of Efest on the Internet or find an online store

selling fake PEfest products, please call or contact our company on WeChat to report or verify, contact information


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