New Version Efest Blu6 Charger Released in September 2016
2016-09-19    View:4654


Thanks for your kind suggestion on our Blu6 charger, now it has been updated for you, here is the details for your information:

        ●  Fully charged reminder: a fully charged message will pop up to your phone, so now you need't to check, just grab your phone!

        ●  LED indicators: monitor each battery charging process--RED means battery in charging and GREEN is fully charged

        ●  LCD screen: more clearly to display

        ●  App function: runs much more smoothly, easy to control everything


For iOS, search efest charger in App Store to get it downloaded to your phone
For Android, just scan below QR code and follow the steps to install it. 
 app for Android

Please noted the App " efest " only work for old version Blu6 charger (with series number sticker on beside of charger),

 it can not work for New version Blu 6 charger. Please find and install " efest charger " App if your Efest Blu6 charger is

new version ( with series number sticker on the bottom of charger)

new blu6