Vape Japan
2018-04-08    View:2143

Vape Expo Japan is a professional B2B & B2C platform for exhibitors, buyers and end-users.This expo gathered around

 100 exhibitors and 200 brands together from many countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, China, USA,

Canada, France, Malaysia, Croatia, Taiwan, etc. Over 4,500 visitors witnessed this first Vape show in Japan. In the light

of meeting the market's demand and for the development requirements of our efest company, we aim at the Japan

market and would like to cultivate market.It was the first time for Efest to attend Japn vape exhibition to make promotion

activites in 2018!

Efest new experiential show stand in Vape Expo Japan 2018 this time. Which was owns unanimous applause from the

visitors. The new-styled international booth stand was mainly show in the following aspects:  Integral structure,

innovative platform, clear charger instruction and special product display etc. Also, it was widely accepted by most of

Efest customers for its convenience and profession.


We appreciated much for our faithful customers sending their good feed-backs and suggestion to Efest. It was so happy

to received good feedback of LUSH Q series, Slim K series, LUC series charger are selling hot in Japan market recently.

We are so glad to see that Efest can meet Japan market demand.



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